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Kinphen has graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Theatre and Entertainment Arts in the HKAPA, majoring in Lighting Design. During his studies, he had been awarded various scholarships for his exchange studies at the University of Art Helsinki, Finland. After returning to Hong Kong, he intently works on theatre lighting design. Recently, he had been being the lighting designer for couples of productions including “The Unforgettable Chapter” by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, “Get-to-know Mulan” by Hong Kong Dance Company “Crazy in Love” by Opera Hong Kong, “A Lesson from the City”, “Doubt” by We Draman Group, “The Threepenny Opera”, “Fireface”, Musical Cabaret (Rent) by HKAPA, “Walkie Talkie”, “The Light Dragon” by Shakespear4All ,etc.

Besides from lighting design, Kinphen has actively taken part in the management role as well. The latest involved productions included “Black Opium” by Melody Pole Studio, “Macbeth”, “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare4All, “Zu and Pi – Momento the Musical” by The Autistic Genius, “LGBT 3” by Theatrideo, “Not Yet / To Forget” by Ivan Chan and Sudhee Liao. In 2016, Kinphen has worked as the production manager and the lighting designer for the third version of “Not Yet / To Forget”, which has been invited to perform in Malaysia.

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